• The Year in which Labour Welfare Fund Constituted?
    1977 May 1 st
  • Which are the establishments covered under the Act?
    Factories covered under Factories Act 1948, All plantations covered under plantation labour Act of 1951,All Establishments covered under charitable societies registration Act of 1955 and Society registration Act, and all Nationalized and Scheduled Banks.
  • What does employee mean under this Act?
    Any person who is employed for hire in an establishments for an aggregate period of not less than thirty days during the preceding twelve months, but does not include any person who is employed as an apprentice or on part-time basis and in Managerial capacity.
  • Which are the existing benefit offered by the Board?
    The Board offers various benefits such as educational benefit, Death benefit, Treatment Benefit, Tour Subsidy, Marriage benefit, Financial assistance to differently abled children of the workers, Financial aid to purchase artificial device, I.T.I Training Programme, Computer training Programme, Library grant, and Holiday Home for workers.
  • What is the rate of Contribution payable by an employee and an employer under the Act?
    As per the Act every employee contributes Rs. 4 per half year and every employer in respect of such employee, contributes Rs. 8 per half year ie, Rs .12 per half year shall be remitted by the employer to the Fund.
  • What is the due date for payment of Contribution?
    Every employer should pay to the fund both the employers and the employees Ist half year contribution before the 15 th day of July (for the I st half) IInd half year contribution before 15 th day of January( for the II nd half) every year
  • Is there any amount/due payable by an employer to the Board than the Contribution?
    Yes, employer should pay unpaid accumulations and all the fines, levied under the industrial employment standing order Act to the fund.
  • What does Unpaid Accumulation mean?
    All payments including gratuity, wages, arrear of wages, bonus, fines etc but not paid to the employees with in a period of 3 years form the date on which payment become due.
  • What are the facilities available at Kumily Holiday Home?
    An auditorium with a seating capacity of 1000 persons, 3 Dormitory with 20 beds, 3 suit room, 10 deluxe rooms,10 standard rooms and one Mini Hall are available for subscribers in a subsidised rate and for public.
  • What are the rates of Kumily Holiday Home?
    Category Subscriber Rate Non Subscriber Rate
    Auditorium 5000/- 10000/-
    Dormitory(20 Bed) 1000/- 2000/-
    Suit Room (4 Bed) 750/- 1500/-
    Deluxe Room (2 Bed) 300/- 600/-
    Standard Room (2 Bed) 200/- 400/-
    Mini Hall 1000/- 2000/-
  • Where is application submitted for availing benefits?
    Application should be submitted through various district offices.
  • Whether online payment facility available for Kumily Holiday Home Booking?
    Yes, Mail ID : managerkumilylwfi.hh@gmail.com
  • Whether online payment facility is available for Payment of contribution?