High School Education Grant

Board provides high school education grant to the children of workers. As per the scheme, students from standard 8 to 10 will be getting Rs.600/- each as financial assistance. Eligibility for the grant is determined on the basis of merit. Application for the grant must be received in the office by August 30th of every year. Under this scheme, grants will be awarded to 3945 students every year.


As per this scheme, 25 cash awards will be distributed in each district. Out of this, those who have obtained ‘A+’ grade for all subjects will be awarded with Rs. 1000/- each and those who have not obtained ‘A+’ grade for all subjects will be awarded with Rs. 600/- each considering the number of ‘A+’ grades they have obtained. In case the number of the applicants is more than the specified limit, then the income limit will be applicable. Two cash awards will be provided to a boy and a girl who have secured highest marks in the SC/ST category.

Higher Education Grant

The main objective of this scheme is to provide assistance for higher education to the children of the subscribers of the Board. Under this scheme, the grant will be given to students studying from Plus one to Post Graduation. The amount of grants to be provided are from Rs.800 to Rs.3600 depending on the course of study. Application for this grant must be submitted in the first year of each course. Students who receive first year grant will get the grant renewed every year till the completion of the course.

I.T.I Training Programme

As per the scheme, the children of subscribers will be given admission to industrial training course in any one of the 13 trades in 12 Government ITIs in Kerala. Eligibility for selection is based purely on merit. Each selected students will be receiving a stipend of Rs.300/- per month. 20% of the total seats to be reserved for SC/ST students.

Computer Training Programme

This programme envisages to provide computer training for the children of the subscribers. Under this scheme, LBS centre for science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, offers admission for DCA course to 50 students, Kozhikode and Ernakulam Centres offer admission for PGDCA course to 50 students each and DITS in Kannur offers admission for one and half year PGDCA course to 50 students on the basis of marks .

Medical/Entrance Coaching Benefit

Two applicants from each district who are economically backward and have high mark scores for Plus One and Plus Two are to receive Rs. 5000/-each.

Library Grant

Under this scheme, Libraries run either by trade unions or by establishments for the benefit of workers will be provided with financial assistance of Rs.10,000/ to purchase books .

Tour Susidy

The board offers tour subsidy to its subscribers and their family members to visit Thekkady. Tour subsidy will be provided at the rate of 30 paise per km for each beneficiary above the age of 12 years and 15 paise between the age group of 6 to 12 years respectively.

Marriage Benefit

The scheme is meant for female workers and daughters of workers irrespective of gender whose monthly income is not exceeding Rs.20,000/-per month. The benefit shall be limited to a maximum of two daughters of a subscriber and the application for the benefit should be submitted within 60 days from the execution of marriage. The amount of benefit is Rs.7500/-

Maternity Benefit

Those female workers who are not receiving maternity benefit either under ESI or any other schemes are to get maternity benefit of Rs. 15000/(Board’s contribution Rs.2000/ and Government’s contribution Rs.13000/- as in other welfare fund boards)

Financial assistance to differently abled children

The board provides financial assistance to the unmarried and differently abled children of the subscribers. As per the scheme, financial assistance of Rs 250/- per month will be given to a worker until his/her retirement. While applying for financial aid for the first time,one must submit the application along with the Medical Board’s Certificate and a duly signed certificate of relationship of the applicant with the child. Application for renewal must be attached with Life Certificate of the child.

Assistance for medical treatment

The subscribers of the board are entitled to get a maximum amount of Rupees 15,000/- for the treatment of critical diseases such as Cancer, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Renal Disease, Paralysis, Heart Valve Surgery, Mental illness and serious other diseases. The subscribers can avail of this in addition to ESI benefit. The application should be submitted within 6 months of discharge from treatment.

Financial aid to purchase artificial device

The board offers financial assistance for the purchase of artificial limbs in case of accidental disability occurring on work. This benefit is available for subscribers with visual, hearing and speech impairment. The amount of benefit is limited to Rs. 7500/-

Post Death Benefit

The Scheme provides financial assistance of Rs.5000/- to the dependents of those workers who are dieing while on work. To avail of this benefit, application must be submitted within a year of demise. A copy of the death certificate and a certificate of relationship of the applicant with the deceased must be produced along with the application.

Assistance for death by accident

Dependants of the employees died while on work but do not come under the purview of the ESI Employees’ Compensation Act, are to receive Rs 25000/-.

Assistance for cremation

An assistance of Rs. 2000/to be provided to the dependants of those employees who are dieing while on work for death related expenditure.

Civil Service Coaching

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